The Reaper – John Wick

Der Reaper or John Wick was available within the Battle Pass of Season 3. Users had to reach Level 100 to get this skin. So it is still considered a rar skin, even most active players during seasn3 reached this level.

Accounts with John Wick sell for around $100.

Buy The Reaper – John Wick Fornite Skins

Our system found these accounts and auctions for The Reaper

Fortnite Account! (Black knight, mako glider, og John wick) extremely rare!
FULL ACCESS 113 SKIN Black Knight+Ikonik+Mako Fortnite Account GOOD KDR
Rare fortnite account with rare skins ( John wick, Ikonik etc..)
Fortnite Account OG SKINS XBOX 1 Rare
Fortnite Account Szn 2, 250 emotes, 65 skins, 50 backblings, 44 gliders & more
FULL ACCESS Black Knight+Ikonik+Mako Fortnite Account GOOD KDR
130+ skin FULL ACCESS Black Knight+Ikonik+Mako Fortnite Account GOOD KDR
Fortnite account (john wick and more)
Stacked fortnite account ps4 John Wick
Fortnite Account with Wonder, Ikonik, Honor Guard, OG Twitch Prime Skins + More!
Fortnite Account (Season 3 – 10)
FORTNITE Season 1 – ACCOUNT – TOP Ausstattung, mit rette die Welt
Fortnite Account TOP ANGEBOT(Schwarzer Ritter,MAKO GLEITER,Elite Agentin,RDW)
Fortnite Account Season 3-8 mit John Wick und ganz viel mehr 
Rare OG Fortnite Account Raffle – Purple Skull Trooper, Aerial Assault etc –

The Reaper – John Wick Gameplay

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